"Their Sweet, Sour & Saucy show is as diverse as it gets. Part-cabaret, part-improv and part-throwback radio show, Barbara & Barry serenaded audiences with a series of classic numbers about romance, marriage and the bumps on the road one encounters along the way."
Jon Solmundson, Country Arts WA.

"For amusing characterisation, hilarious banter (both on-stage and with the audience) and sensational songs, Sweet, Sour and Saucy is an absolute delight."
Meredith Walker, Blue Curtains.
"Barbara and Barry effortlessly facilitated some of the most enjoyable moments the Judy has seen in a long time and I hope we see them “on air” again soon! In fact, we demand it! Bring back Barbara and Barry!"
Xanthe Coward, XS Entertainment.
"The crowd is very appreciative, perhaps thankful to have witnessed a warm, loving, witty, and supremely talented married couple make an afternoon at work look like play."
Ella Moran, Broadway Baby.

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Data from audience surveys compiled into reports.

Data from audience surveys compiled into reports.

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